Just to inform you all, the new Underoath album is the #2 album in the country! Up there right above the Dixie Chicks and Busta Rhymes and right below Nelly Furtado. So if you don’t have it, go get it and support these guys. Well, that’s about it from here. Still looking for a job. You also need to go watch Superman. It’s just good. Alright, that really is it.



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  1. if that comment wasn’t a joke, we’re not friends anymore.  i’m serious. 🙂  it’s a pearl jam song, currently my favorite.

  2. thats right underoath is 2nd in the nation. aaahhh yea!!!!!

  3. hey congrats on gettin the job in wooster. i need to come over and do laundry sometime and we can go to the bell like old times. YEAHH. and spencer is not getting kciekd out…they were bs rumours.

  4. Anonymous

    just to inform you… i want to be on you

  5. Anonymous

    Where are you these days?  Did you find a teaching job?!  That would be sweet….

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