So I hope I get to be Mr. Atkins soon. I don’t like being “Josh the Movie Guy.” I don’t know, the video store is kinda wearin me down. I still like it and I’m glad that I have something, but still. I’ve been ready and wanting to be a teacher for 3 1/2 years and now that I can be I’m stuck telling people where the original “Cutting Edge” movie is located (actually did that this morning). Dah well. Wuddaya gonna do?



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  1. Where…where did you get the unrated special edition??????? I’ve never seen it…is it much worse than the other one? You’ll have to let me know…I am kind of envious.

  2. hello sir.  in response to your response:1. no i’ve never seen dave before.  i’m about to wet my pants i’m so excited though.  in exactly 2 days that’s where i’ll be.  mhmm.  i can call you from the show if you want. πŸ™‚  you just let me know.2. pearl jam – okay, just today i was thinking about all the shows that i want to see before i die or get too old to go to shows.  ben folds was one (check). dave was one (check in t-2).  pearl jam is totally one.  have you heard the new cd?  self titled.  i love it.  one of the best i think.  next to ten, of course.  anyway, you can borrow it if you want.  3.  the plant is okay.  pretty slow.  i get paid way better than i ever have in my entire life though, and it will help tre-men-dous-ly with rent and school this year, so i just keep thinking about that through all the boring hours.  it’s good though, because for a long time i’ve been sure that i don’t like corporate america, and now i am getting to experience it and see the ups and downs for myself (and no, still don’t like it).  good things to learn though.anyway, what is new and how are you doing?  feel like i haven’t talked to you in ages.  but i’ll see you in august if not before — we are the officially the graduates that we always made fun of – the ones that stick around after they’re done.  oh well, such is life.  well, talk to you from the concert πŸ™‚

  3. no but he did everyday and he added this salsa part throughout it … oh man.  hott.  and he did ants marching and dancing nancies – two of my favorites.  he did some new ones too … can’t stop and shotgun … and they were sa-weet.  can’t wait for the new album to come out.  OH and i wanted to tell you — luke sefton and i were talking about going to see the show again, in chicago, in september.  want to go with us?  let me know.  hopefully we’ll buy tickets relatively soon.

  4. oh the cutting edge.  toe pick.  priceless.  i cannot believe they made a sequel. gross.  you will get a job!  do not worry (i like that joy williams song…a lot)

  5. the one that is your title!

  6. next time i’m at the b-buster in macedonia, i’m going to ask them where the cutting edge is, in honor of you… maybe i’ll ask them where boys in the hood is as well, since i’ve still not seen it. ha.
    its cingular. i dont know what to do with it, i’ve seriously used it once in the past 3 days.
    hope all is well in indiana. ohio misses you.

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