This is for all the people who introduced their music to me and made me a better person because of it.
This is also going to be really long, so bear with me.
Dave Holmes
-7 Day Jesus
-Bebo Norman
-Jars of Clay
Jeff Beaver
-All American Rejects
-Living End
Jeff Wike
-Cross Movement
-Out of Eden
-T Bone
Paula Boehm
-Anna Nalick
-Missy Higgins
-Christy Nockels
Mike Masowich
My Dad
-Bryan Duncan
-The Beatles
-The Eagles
-Sly and the Family Stone
-The Doobie Brothers
-Crosby, Stills, and Nash
-dc Talk (bought my first tape)
-Huey Lewis and the News
-James Taylor
-Steven Curtis Chapman
-Stevie Wonder
-The Who
Ryan Stryker
-Burlap to Cashmere
Seth Nash
-Caedmon’s Call
Rhett Edwards
Adam Lerew
-The Used
Mark Artrip
-Daniel Bedingfield
-Dead Poetic (they slept on my floor!)
Emily Karhan
-Dave Matthews Band
-John Mayer
Laura Kister
-Dixie Chicks
Brent Campbell
Aaron Winey
-Green Day (and MxPx too, with Beav)
-Project 86
Matt Carter
-Imogen Heap
Zach Boehm
-Joy Williams
BJ McPheron
-Keith Urban
Nathan Dick
-My Chemical Romance
Ron Robinson

Well, that’s the list. If there’s a band that I listen to and you introduced me to them but didn’t make the list, I’m sorry. I just went down the itunes artist list and went one by one. Everything else I stumbled upon myself and give all the credit to me and me alone. Either way, thanks to everybody on the list for sharing your music with me. Keep it coming.



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6 responses to “

  1. i like this entry so much i think i will copy it.

  2. i’m glad i made an impact in your life.  hope you’re doing well.

  3. You forgot to add…Marty Dent-AC/DC-Anthrax-W.A.S.P.-Stryper-Ozzy-Marlyin Manson-John Denver-Wilson Philips

  4. Anonymous

    dude… i’m honored… and let’s be serious didn’t i introduce you to that one band too… who was it now… ummmm third day?? come on now love ya bro

  5. I can’t believe you forgot who introduced you to Critter County and Music Machine!! By the way, the vinyl to those is still in existence. – Guess who?

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