I think I’ve had a little too much “R” for one day. I watched two jacked up movies in one day and it’s a lot to take in over a 6 hour period. First, I watched Boondock Saints (this one’s for you, Karyn) and I couldn’t believe what I was watching, or hearing for that matter. SO MUCH language. But it raised a lot of interesting questions about morality and judgement of others. I got to hang out with my Texas-Road Trip padna Tim tonight, so that was cool. I actually watched the movie at his place. Then I came back and watched another, even more jacked up movie, Running Scared. Heard of it? Paul Walker? Holy cow, now this movie had some language. The story was very intriguing though and very captivating. And I think I experienced the most uncomfortable/disturbing/stomach churning moment/scene in all my life. I can’t even describe it on here, but I was just sitting here, by myself-mind you, with my mouth open going “this cannot be happening.” But after a day like this, I need to take a break from the “R”. Luckily, I also got Glory Road, so that should be inspiring, and a nice change. But tomorrow, off to Wooster for a 2 day tour for darkroom. Here we come.



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  1. umm I warn everyone about the language/strip club scene before they watch it…and now I am sure you can appreciate why I don’t admit to everyone right off the bat that it’s my favorite movie…I feel like way too much of a boy…and I haven’t seen running scared maybe it’s cause I hate paul walker.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey good to hear from you. I know of a softball league you could jump into at the Y but its volunteer…let me know if you’re interested. Other than that its just camps coming up in the summer.

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