So Josh, what have you learned in the week since you graduated college? Any life lessons for the millions of dedicated readers? “Well, I learned that you have a seven day grace period on your movies before it is autosold to your account. I’ve learned that Home Alone 2 goes in the ‘Comedy’ section, not ‘Family’. I’ve learned to hate rainy days. I’ve learned that the people that aren’t Rewards Members, usually aren’t because they don’t want to be, not because they don’t know about the Rewards Program. But most of all, I have learned to be thankful every day that I have a college degree, and I don’t have to alphabetize the ‘Drama’ section for the rest of my life.”


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  1. and you have learned that the brumbaugh children like to pick the worst movies ever and then go home and make fun of them. We made my dad watch roll bounce by the way…and he liked it:)

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