This entry is dedicated to my friend Greg Bashore who made our PE classes bearable and always kept my pen busy writing something down that he said. I haven’t seen him since the winter, and we’ll be seein each other again and graduating together this Saturday. Just read these and wish you were in class with him.

-Greg on “The Passion of the Christ”
“You pretty much have to like it to go to heaven”

-Greg on his favorite teacher
“I think Jesus should teach every class”

-Greg chatting about snow with our other favorite teacher, Coach Butler
Butler: Is everyone enjoying the snow?
Greg: No!! I hate snow! I’d rather sit here and die from gonorrhea

-Greg after giving Matt Springer a valentine from then girlfriend, Hanna Loss
“I just gave Springer a valentine and I told him I loved him. Hey, I wanted to make it meaningful! I hope that wasn’t the break-up one.”

-Greg on studying for the Exercise Physiology final
“You know what’s bad is when you stop studying and start praying for the rapture”

And finally, the king of quotes and the best “Did I just say that out loud?” moment ever

-Greg on why her husband stays so thin
Jodi: I don’t know how he does it. My husband can eat and eat and eat and he never gains a pound
Greg: That’s because he’s cheating on you

Oh man, those are incredible.



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  1. Anonymous

    I love the quotes and will miss our p.e. crew!!!

  2. Anonymous

    haha that’s amazing… i laughed PA PA!!

  3. I love you so much josh

  4. i didn’t want this entry to end. i was rolling and i can totally see him saying eeryone really loud.

  5. that post is seriously the essence of greg.hahaha 🙂

  6. Congratulations there graduate 🙂

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