So I, like Mark, have just recently turned to the Dark Side, pledged my allegiance to the Empire, and have been knighted by the Emperor himself. I tried to fight it as long as possible and align myself with Han Solo and Luke, but alas, I have abandoned them. I have traded my X-Wing for a Tie-Fighter and my Stormtrooper uniform will be in next week (it’s being altered). Now, I, like most of you have, have been branded and tagged so that I can be contacted and located wherever I am. If you are still in the dark as to what I am talking about, you can call me on my cell phone and I’ll tell you.



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  1. um… sounds like you got engaged or something.

  2. i think i’m the only one left.

  3. Maybe people would call you if you gave them your digits.

  4. ahhh…yes amber’s right maybe people would call them if you gave them your digits but even if you gave me your digits I would never call you because I think that your gangster harmonies are wack and that I am too much of a player hater to call the likes of you…ah Godso…look at what you have turned me into(ps…when you make your cd can there be a little insert of my xanga picture next to the song)…that would be great…oh and way to get a phone

  5. Anonymous

    i’ll gve you some digits. 20, 23, 23, 45, 21
    guess what they represent…

  6. holy crap call me asap we have so much cell phone catching up to do 740 816 5422. now i won’t have to save amber’s number under your name. lots of people used to have kristin’s mom’s phone in theirs as my number:)

  7. but the Dark Side is ….. evil….

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