So uh, lemme get this straight. You’re gonna pay me to watch movies, play video games, talk about movies with people, and watch Family Guy when I work anytime after 9 o’clock? Uh, sounds good.



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  1. yay!  i’m so excited you’re coming home!!  i would love to hook up saturday night – but you’ll have to run it by leroy.  he’s got somethin’ up his sleeve and i’m outta the loop!  do you have his email or phone number?  if you need either, let me know!  yay!

  2. How do you feel about Thematic Elements?? Yeah, you can’t handle this…

  3. dood the Naboo level sucks…took me like 20 tries to beat it…

  4. i say you host the blowout. i mean you are the father of grace music subculture.

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