EDIT* Let me just say that the titles for my pictures were meant to be jokes. You guys, always reading into stuff. You crack me up. I didn’t really see a spider on the rim. But anyway, we’re back from the Ranch and it was a pretty sweet trip. Thanks Zach for the hospitality and lettin us chill at his place and everything. Sarah, I’m sure Tim is also thankful for you hookin him up with wireless on his computer (even if it was for one night). The last night was fun – “tortizzas”, Cavs on Tivo (even though they lost), and midnight frisbee in the dark with a light up frisbee (“Dive for it!!” – “No!, I’ll get those things all over me”. Anyway, sweet trip overall and now it’s time to return to school. Cripes.



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  1. hey proto-j :)…hope all is well for you. it has been so long!! looks like you had a nice spring break?? are you graduated now? plans to stay in indiana?? fill me in yo!!

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