Zach showed me how to put more pics on my site. Here ya go from today.
View from the porch
Me ON the porch
Tim Dunk
Dunking on Zach’s regulation basketball court in his backyard
Josh Dunk
Since everything is bigger in Texas, just know that the rim is 11 1/2 feet
Josh Dunk 2
I saw a spider on the rim………scary
“Brokeback Basketball”

Alright, let’s see what happens tomorrow.



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  1. Josh,  Are those the new shoes you got in Denton?

  2. These pictures are hilarious!!!  I laughed outloud.  We went to the beach today, by that I mean we walked 2 blocks and we were there 🙂  It was pretty sweet, I’ll show you pictures when I come back.  I’ll see you SOON!!!

  3. Anonymous

    if its brokeback basketball, which one of you are gay?  I’m confused?

  4. Man, I just had a strong urge for dunkball at that elementary school in warsaw.

  5. brokeback basketball……………well i am am still jealous

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