Day 1 – Texas

Tim getting friendly with the locals

Feeding Time

Who’s this dude, and what he holding?

Where all the magic happens at “K-LOVE”

“Staring contest, you-me, go.”

Mr. Ed found the oats I put in Tim’s pocket
Well, that’s all for today. We’re watching the Cavs on Tivo and fast-forwarding all the commercials. Stay tuned for what happens tomorrow.



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  1. so extremely jealous that you are in boehm land……………so what is his girl like:) spill the dirt because many of us want to know.

  2. jealousy guys is crazy.

  3. Wow.  It looks like you guys are having fun…you look a little scared in the second picture.  That is too funny.  I miss you lots! 

  4. This is different, we did harm any living thing or draw obscenities on your car……haha, not the same, not the same josh. I like the pictures, by the way.

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