-I’m tired of watching LeBron lose. I’m now 1-4 when I go to games while he’s playing. Also, how stupid are Cleveland fans who booed him a couple nights ago? Holy shnikes, if we want this guy to stay in Cleveland, I would suppose that would not be the BEST way to do it. Also, the Cavs are 1-4 since the All-Star Break and are well on their way to missing the playoffs for the 3rd straight year. Yet again, another way to ensure Mr. James will be on the move when his contract expires after next season.
-I’ve given up on the Cohens and the OC. I’m tired of planning my life around Thursday nights at 9. I’m tired talking about fake people. I’m tired of trying to “stay relevant”. I’m tired of giving to something that has never given anything back. So this marks my retirement from the OC fan club.
-I’m tired of being in school. 5 years is a long time and I’m ready for a change. I’m tired of doing homework (or in some cases, not doing homework) for classes that I think are stupid. I’m tired of being in classes that I think are stupid. I’m tired of “getting by” and just “enduring until the next thing”. Life should not be about enduring, it should be about enjoying. And school right now, I’m not enjoying it.
-I’m tired of the University of Michigan. That’s all.
-I guess I’m just tired of what my life is right now. I’ve got good things going, but I’m feeling restless. I’ve got a great girlfriend, a sweet band, I’m graduating in May, I’m 23, and I’ve got a 96 Jetta that just got a wash today (it really needed it). Is that me? Am I that? Something’s gotta happen, because right now, I’m just tired.



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  1. i’m sad about your oc retirement but it’s been a good run.  it seems to have lost my interest a little bit but not enough to call it quits quite yet… maybe someday.  i still gotta call you or come up to grace and visit (i’m in indy for the time being) but it’s not life-threatening… yet.  hope you get some rest… seems you’re pretty tired!

  2. Texas man, thats all I got to say. TEXAS : )

  3. i’m so glad you’ve retired from the OC fan club.  it’s ’bout time.  talking about fake people… what a great way to say it. 
    are you tired enough to move to northeast ohio and get a job at nordonia??  cuz that’d be stellar.
    i feel you though, man.  i’m ready to move from the ‘enduring’ stage to the ‘enjoying’ stage as well… there’s gotta be more.

  4. Ya know what…I think that your life might be better if you un-retire out of the oc fan club. The OC is making me sad right now since they have no new episodes on(piece of trash)so I can understand why you have decided to quit. I understand that tired feeling though…who knows maybe God will through something in your path that’s unexpected, and turn it into something really really cool.

  5. Anonymous

    i hear you loud and clear brother… loud and clear. i’ve been questioning the OC all year… it’s been rough this year… cleveland fans are moronic, i can’t believe they booed him too, my thoughts exactly. get me outta here too man… you do have  great girlfriend i was blessed to chat with her for a little bit the other night while you were enduring the lebron loss… i love you and miss you 

  6. go where lebron goes.and chances are its going to be somewhere sweetlike denver, or la, or new yorkthen you can teach kids in the inner cityand raise up new little lebronsand make them all cavs fansso one daycleveland can win a championship.
    they lost again tonight. i dont want last year to happen again. ugh.

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