Mark, you yet again convince me that I need to update and put trivial nonsense on my zanga. Dah well, wuddaya gonna do.
1. I Drive Myself Crazy/NSync/NSync – Sweet dear, how did Chris ever get a lead part? Holy Moley.
2. Here With Me/The Spirit Room/Michelle Branch – She’s amazing, and this song reminds me of trips home during my freshman year.
3. Until I Fall Away/New Miserable Experience/Gin Blossoms – Love these dudes, but don’t know the song (Congradulations I’m Sorry is a better album anyway)
4. Deep/Ten/Pearl Jam – You need this album
5. The Influence/Quality Control/Jurassic 5 – Top 3 rap groups of all time and probably number one lyrical influence. Simply fantastic.
6. Truth and Funk/Do or Die/Gospel Gansgstas – Wrote my first verse to a Gospel Gangsta track
7. The Hammer Holds/Ten Thousand Days/Bebo Norman – One of my favorite voices, and thanks to Dave Holmes, I’ve got him in my collection
8. All Along the Watchtower/Live in Chicago/Dave Matthews Band – since I actually saw them in Chicago, this show is special, plus this is my favorite song of his that he does live
9. Airplane/Imagination/Bethany Dillon – I love her (not like that) and if you’ve never heard her, you’re missing out
10. Mary, Mary/Greatest Hits/Run DMC – Mark, ‘member when we saw these guys in concert? Oh yes.
11. Be True to Your School/Greatest Hits/Beach Boys – Why do I think of Saved by the Bell when I hear this song?
12. Stein’s Theme/Drawing Black Lines/Project 86 – I hated these dudes when I was a sophomore in high school, but not anymore. I blame Aaron Winey and his Chevy Celebrity.
13. Something’s Missing/Heavier Things/John Mayer – Very smooth, but missing a triplet in the intro
14. I Never Told You What I Do for A Living/3 Cheers for Sweet Revenge/My Chemical Romance – That was so long, I don’t even know what to type
15. Run to the Water/The Distance to Here/Live – Sweet song, sweet band, and their lead singer is in Fight Club. Did you miss it??
16. If It Makes You Happy/Greatest Hits/Sheryl Crow – I don’t really like this song, I like My Favorite Mistake or Leaving Las Vegas a lot more. Dah Well.
17. Iguanas in the Midst/The Syllabus/Knowdaverbs – Oh man, summer of 2000
18. All if Forgiven/Anonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Friend/Bryan Duncan – Favorite artist growing up and kidney stones to all those who hate
19. Genie in a Bottle/Christina Aguilera/Christina Aguilera – Remember when she was a blonde, wore clothes, and showcased her voice and not her body? Anyone? Yeah, me neither.
20. Shirts and Gloves/The Swiss Army Romance/Dashboard Confessional – I used to think this was just some whining guy who just got broken up with. I still think that, but I don’t mind his music as much as I used to.

Well, that was fun. Try it. It sure beats trying to be insightful.



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  1. well any post that gives me two shoutouts sure gets a comment and an eprop…whatever that means.i always liked steins theme. and of course i remember run dmc in concert…..we say jmj days before he was shot execution style in the back of the skull. i am still mad at 50 cent for killing him.

  2. Josh… I know I havent talked to you in forever… and this is not the best way to say hello but i thought you needed to know.  Being the full house fan that you are… i felt it was necessary….
    Stephanie Tanner is hooked on meth.  As in the drug.,19736,1155193,00.html
    thought you needed to hear the truth…
    Hope all is well!

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