Alright, I’m getting pretty fired up. It’s 12:40 in the AM and I am deeply enthralled by a Larry King Live show. The topic that they are debating is gay marriage. On the show they have a Christian radio brodcaster, a Southern Baptist University President, an openly gay politician, and Chad Allen (the oldest son from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman), who is also openly gay. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of a couple different things. The first thing is the comparison between African Americans and gay people and the use of “civil rights” when they talk about what is going on with gay people. How is this comparison made? Where does it come from? The last time I checked, which was about 27 minutes ago, I don’t remember seeing drinking fountains for gay people. I don’t remember seeing signs that say “We Don’t Serve Gays.” And I certainly don’t see any gay people sent to the back of a bus behind all the straight people. I understand that this seems to work *cough cough* with the argument of being “born like this.” But, I don’t believe that. I believe that there are desires, sinful desires that one can choose to either deny or embrace, much like alcoholism or fill in the blank with whatever you want. I cannot believe we are comparing the likes of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr with Ellen, Elton John and Rosie O’Donnell. Gimme a break.
The next thing is something that Mr. Allen said. He started talking about how he believes that his understanding of God is such that it would allow, permit, and even encourage his lifestyle. Someone called in and said “By what standards are you basing these personal beliefs” and he responded with something like “I personally believe that blah blah blah, I think blah blah blah, and so on. He then went on to say that he’s frustrated with hearing all these narrow-minded Christians tell him that there’s only one way to God. He then went on to say very overtly that “there are many ways to God.” Holy France, what is going on? I was waiting for the Baptist dude or the radio lady to tell him that he was absolutely and totally wrong, but they went to commercial before they could speak. For the record, there is ONE way to God and I’m sick of hearing otherwise. This is bigger than the gay issue. This is a TRUTH issue and this issue supercedes anything else that is talked about.
I admit that I have a limited exposure to gay people I do not pretend to know everything about the issue. I know what I know and I am kind of frustrated that I have not educated myself more on this issue. But I know this issue is not going away and as a Christian, it is up to me to be educated on this issue. I not only need to know their side, but I need to know my side. I need to know what the Bible says on the topic and we need to remember that there IS a standard and it needs to be upheld. Sadly, the standard is PERFECTION and we ALL fail. I fail, you fail, we all fail……miserably. Like I said, this is not just a gay issue, but this is a truth issue. And to quote the great philosopher Wolverine from X-Men, “There’s a war coming, are you sure you’re on the right side?” Well, are you?


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  1. one word: WOW….i have thought a lot about this subject b4 since i worked wit a gay guy and all….but you are so right the real issue is truth….and you have caused me to realize i have a lot more thinkin to do and a lot more preparing for the war that is coming…i love you….talk to you soon

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