I’ve successfully sat here for over 10 minutes trying to think of something worthwile to write, but I don’t have anything. Either that or I don’t have any motivation. That might be it. Dah well, perhaps the crazy antics of Donkey-Lips, Zee Zee, Dina, Telly, Pinsky, Sponge, Ugg, and Bobby Budnick can keep me entertained. Three cheers for Salute Your Shorts and cheap DVD’s on Ebay!!



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  1. Anonymous

    I was just watching a rerun of that show online the other day!!!  Haha, I loved Salute Your Shorts!

  2. I used to watch that show all of the time. The one that I remember the most is when Donkey Lips put a lot of mousse in his hair before a dance.Ah, those were the good old days. Back when you didn’t get a headache just by watching the shows on Nickelodeon.-Katie

  3. omg that was an awesome show…i wish they had reruns of it on tv…i miss you bro…hope you are enjoyin your last semester…love you…amanda

  4. maybe cuz ive never read the entire series foolio

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