So It’s 7:41 in the AM and I’m getting ready to spend the whole day at Madison. Oh man, I’ve been waiting about 10 weeks to go back and hang with “the kiddies.” I’m siked and it’s going to be fun. After that I’m going to Edgewood for the girls’ basketball home opener. Then, I’m going over to Jeff’s to write and record new Godsound stuff. Oh you thought we were done? Hale no. We’ve got 1 song finished and we’re almost done with another one. Holy cow, today’s gonna be busy, but fun as frick. So as Grits so eloquently put…Here we go.



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  1. Anonymous

    Yes I will take the sports mangement book from you!!! Thank you, will you be in chapel tomorrow, if so, can I get it from you then?

  2. what the heck is going on? did you leave me a message on my phone? I’m confused…is that ok? my new cell is 574-527-9631 call me and tell me what’s up…cause I don’t know-K

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks Josh, for everything, your friendship and encouraging words over the past couple years!!!

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