I’m back at the lake, and spent the evening over with the Wike’s (Jeff and Kari) and she could literally have her baby at any time. It’s crazy because what used to be the studio has become the baby room. There’s the laptop, the MBox, the studio monitors, 3 in 1 printer/scanner/copier, and then the crib and the changing table. Dah well, perhaps this means Jeff is working on his “new baby anthem” to rival the likes of “Just the Two of Us” and the reprehensible “With Arms Wide Open.” I’m waiting and I know you’re waiting too. Right now I’m watching Conan and don’t have anything to do tomorrow. Life is good. I couldn’t find anything about Conan in the “Currently Watching” section, except this. Deal with it.



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  1. Anonymous

    Hey was there a book for Adapted PE?

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for getting back with me…another question: have you taken sports mgt? If so, was there a book for that one?

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