So I’ve been exploring all the things that this little baby can do, and I must say, me likey. I’ve been attempting to turn old videos into DVD’s and I must say that I’ve had mild success. When I say mild, I mean that they have worked and stuff, but there’s still a lot that I need to learn. But nevertheless, it’s been pretty cool teaching myself how to create and burn a DVD.
In other news, I’m two days away from seeing one of my oldest friends get married. I’m sure all of you know Carrie, and I’m really siked to see her (and Tim) get married. I’ve known her since before I was freshman in high school, and for all you keeping score at home, that’s almost 9 years. It’s been cool to keep in touch and even this past semester to student-teach at the same school. I can’t wait to be Mr. DJ and rock the place into the ’06. The party’s gon be bangin and it’s just going to be a fun trip overall. The best part is I get to take Amber with me and she’s comin tomorrow! I haven’t see her since school, so I’m pretty jazzed about that. This has been a good break so far and I’m glad that good things keep happening.
I really can’t wait to get back out to school though. I miss it. I miss my life out there. But after the Buckeyes beat up on the Irish, I’ll be headin back out and getting ready to start my last semester in college. And for all you Family Guy fans out there, I say….”BRING IT OONN!!” (Tim, Nathan, I hear you laughin)



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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks Josh ~ have a great time at Carrie/Tim’s wedding and tell them I said hi and sorry I couldn’t make it out there :(…

  2. Remeber how I thought you were bascially 25 going on 30….well soon you will be a workin man haha. good luck! You will have enought little kids will dodge balls to last you a life time.

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