Well, I would be on my way to Paula’s right now, but it’s snowing kinda bad and it looks like it’s just gonna get worse. Sorry Paula and anyone else who was there. So, I’m just kinda sitting here looking at prices for drum sets, drum hardware, cymbals, pedals, and anything else you can think of. I’m really wanting to get serious about my playing and I’m wanting to slowly but surely start building my kit and upgrading piece by piece. In other news, well, there is none. Ah yes, I’m watching my new Keith Urban dvd and it is truly amazing. Don’t really like country music, but this guy transcends the genre and pretty much anything with his name on it I’m a fan of. That’s it fuh now.


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  1. i was reading old posts of mine and found this:person of monday: josh atkins. so help me if i ever see you throw a pill bottle again ….hm.  i laughed.  ps please rejoin chapel band

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