I can’t believe that I’m finished with student-teaching. Who would have thought that 2 1/2 years ago when I switched majors that I would be here. I mean, I guess I knew that I would get here eventually, but it’s just that then it wasn’t really on my radar. But this semester has been the culmination of all that time in between. Everything that I’ve been doing in college has been leading up to this past semester and as of Thursday, it’s over. I now have one semester left and I get to be a student again. It’s crazy because I’ve actually become accustomed to the “teacher life” and it’s going to be a little culture-shock going back to the classroom and sitting at a desk and taking notes again.
This has been probably the hardest semester of my life. At the same time it has been the most fun semester of my life. I had SO much fun teaching. Teaching PE at Madison was so fun and now enjoying going back and visiting them and popping in to their games. I’m also hoping to help coach girls’ track with Mr. B in the Spring. Those kids are awesome and it’s such a sweet experience every time I see them. I also got to teach at Edgewood Middle School (Warsaw, not Wooster) and that also was really fun. I got to teach three 8th grade classes and three 7th grade classes in both PE and Health. Those students were sweet too and they were AWESOME with their rap project that I had them do for Health class. I’m trying to figure out when I can go back and visit. I’ve got some basketball games to go to (Jan.10) and we’ll see what hapens from there. What a sweet semester. I had such a great time and I’m anxious to see what awaits me………..homework (D’oh).



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  1. hey. happy birthday.  sorry i’m late.  and congrats on being done … although i know that you’ll miss cogle most of all. 🙂  did you rap for her?  if not she’s probably crying herself to sleep as we speak, er, as i type … whatev.  merry christmas

  2. Hey dude, hope you have an awesome break.  Holdin down the fort…

  3. Anonymous

    That’s awesome you had such a great teaching expeience! Do we have any classes together next semester? We better! Enjoy your break and get some rest, oh and if you think about it, pray for me on the 21st, I’m taking the reading ppst…I”ll let you know how it goes. thanks Josh!

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