i couldn’t help but do this, so thanks Mark.

1. WDCT – dc Talk – Free At Last…oh man, what a sweet CD, too bad it wasn’t a better song pick
2. Panic Song – Green Day – Insomniac…I posted this song on my Xanga one time. I love this album
3.St. Patrick’s Day – John Mayer – Room for Squares…a couple months ago, I really found this song, and if you haven’t heard it or haven’t really listened to it, you should. You’d be a better person.
4. Spill Me – Project 86 – Project 86…I remember when I used to hate these dudes, but Drawing Black Lines is a pretty sweet album too.
5. Surfer Girl – Beach Boys – Greatest Hits…how bout them Beach Boys huh? Sweet harmonies. It’s weird, but when I listen to them I can actually hear California and the beach.
6. Something About the Way You Look Tonight – Elton John – Greatest Hits…I can’t get over the fact that he’s singing about a dude. Sick.
7. Time Is.. – dc Talk – Welcome to the Freak Show (Live)…don’t really care too much for the album, but the song is pretty good. Me Likey.
8. Bang Bang – Dr. Dre – 2001 Instrumentals…I can’t think about this album without thinking about freestyling while going to Ft Wayne or Chicago. Big ups to Tim, Rhett, Carter, Nate, Joel, and of course, me

That’s all for now. I’m going to watch Madison play Lincoln in basketball with Carrie. Lata



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  1. what on earth do you mean?!?  you’re coming with??  coming instead of???  what’s going on??
    i’m excited to see you nonetheless.  good times all around.

  2. ok – how do i get a hold of you??  room phone?  email?  help me out here, man!  cuz i’m thinkin… if you’ll be here saturday night, you may as well play sunday morning, eh? šŸ˜‰  haha… email me or something (push_faith@yahoo.com).

  3. you’ve been tagged, see my site.

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