It’s official.  I like Middle School.



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  1. hey josh~glad to hear things are going well for you.  is your family in their new place yet?  i went back to grace for the first time since i left tuesday for the holiday extravaganza.  it was so cool to see some people and students.  i hope and promised to go back again soon to see people.  i am enjoying my seminary classes lots and really being shaped and blessed through them.  i have been attending the grace brethren here and like it so far.  actually randy barrett is here and going there also.  i  think you remember him from lexington right?  well hope things continue to go well, glad to hear you’re rooting for OSU saturday.  cheer extra loud for me cause i have to work during the whole game…major depressing thing for me.  maybe i’ll see you over the holidays, i’d enjoy getting to catch up, i might see you at church sometime i guess too.  blessings…liz

  2. i hear the school found out your true identity pro? the glasses were’t fooling anyone, they knew you were superman.

  3. hey!  you comin’ home for the holy-days? (thanksgiving & christmas)  wanna play?? 😉  i’ll call you if i don’t hear from you by friday or so…
    later, hater.

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