New News That You Knew Wasn’t New Anymore!

-Saw Underoath in Chicago Sunday night.  It was sick (amazing), and alas, I feel I have gone to my last “hardcore” show.  I’ve seen all the bands that I like: The Used, and now Underoath.  I love the music, don’t really like the atmosphere.  Dah well, it was still sweet.

-Have been teaching middle school for the past 2 1/2 weeks and it’s starting to get good.  It was kind of rough, but only because I didn’t know anyone’s name and I didn’t feel connected to anyone.  But it’s getting better and I’m actually enjoying it.

-Last night I bought a Powerbook.  Oh my sweet dear.  I got it on eBay and it’s got the original box, all the cables, manuals, cd’s and all that other crap that you would get with a brand new one.  It’s a 12” and it’s perfect for what I want to do (which is music production). 

-OSU plays Michigan this Saturday at 1 o’clock and I will be watching it with an open door for anyone who wants to come and hate Michigan.  So be there or be…..a Michigan Fan. (yuck)


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  1. oh underoath, how i love you!

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