This is my first break since August 15th, so here I am giving you a little idea of what’s been going on. I just finished 10 weeks of student-teaching at Madison Elementary School in Warsaw and let me tell you it might have been the best 10 weeks that I’ve had in a long time. I LOVED those kids and it was so fun being able to see them and invest in them everyday. I am now starting at Edgewood Middle School where I will finish my time and my semester. And also I’ve been buying a lot of CD’s lately. The most recent acquisition was at a Best Buy 45 minutes from home. I stopped and got Underoath – They’re Only Chasing Safety (Special Edition). I blasted that all the way home and now all I want to do is play drums and write stuff like that. But yeah, I’ve been busy as frick so sorry (who am I apologizing to?) for not updating, but I haven’t felt like it. I still read everybody’s, so keep it up. I really enjoy going through and reading about what’s been going on in people’s lives. I just haven’t been able to do it myself. Dah well. I trust you have found something to fill that void in your life left by my inability to post daily. Anyway, that’s about it from here. Lata



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  1. wow. so good to hear from you. i thought you were dead for sure.when you comin’ to visit, yo? the girls in youth group sure miss you. haha.

  2. Actually I knew I was missing something in my life…and I think it’s the fact that you haven’t been posting regularly so thank you for apologizing…I forgive you

  3. the Mark Artrip EP will be out by summer i hope. depends if I can get permission to put do it again on their or not. i mean with this girl, do it again and content i am 3/5 of the way done:)

  4. kiss me one last time!! no really-DON’T sicko. but yea it’s dangerous business walking out your front door-that’s their best song. we can rock out to it sometime cuz i got the bassline down pretty easy. so yea. all we need is 2 guitarists, and a keyboardist. you can take the lead vocals and i’ll be the screamer haha.

  5. much love to my ex roomie…..miss you dude….remember when rhett and i were making hand gestures to each other in alpha lobby and your girl had no stinkin clue what was going on……i don’t think i’ve laughed that hard since…..glad you’re enjoying teaching…..peace bro

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