Don’t you just hate when something bad happens and you can’t get ticked? I hate that.  When something bad happens, I wanna get ticked.  I mean, shoot, I deserve it, right? Well, I woke up from sleepin for a little bit this afternoon and I was gonna run to Wendy’s or something for a #1 plain with just ketchup, no cheese, biggie size, with a diet coke.  Well, when I turned the key to turn it on, low and behold the “Jet” wouldn’t start.  All the lights work and there’s no click, so it’s not the battery.  Some guys who were over there guessed that it was my starter (awesome).  And here’s where my “problem” starts.  I called my mom and she reminded me that at least I was at my house and not on the side of the road.  Then my dad tells me that even though it stinks, I’ve had my car for almost 2 years and I haven’t had hardly any problems with it.  Frick.  They’re ruining my bad mood.  And then, Jason was over here workin in his office and I came over and told him what had happened and that I was gonna go to Wendy’s and grab something to eat.  He then proceeds to toss me the keys to his car.  And then when I went to Wendy’s, I opened my wallet and I had money in it.  So I’ve got this bad situation and I can’t even “enjoy” it because God keeps reminding me how blessed I am with having a dependable car that “luckily” broke in my driveway and not on the highway and with having a friend in Jason who would give me his car and that I have money to buy food.  So needless to say, my bad mood is officially killed and I’m crankin “Sing to the King” and let me just say if you haven’t heard my pal Paula sing this song, you’re missin out in life. But yeah, that’s what’s happenin here.  And did you notice all the quotation marks? Geez, I used ’em a lot didn’t I.  Dah well. See you gracies in about 5 days.




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  1. I have heard Paula sing it…I totally try to be like her most of the time…I’m a big copy of other people

  2. oh paula boehm singing that song…beautiful.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey I hope student teaching is going well for you ~ I’m praying for ya…have a great week!

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