Hey everybody.  Well, it’s been awhile, but here we are again.  I just have a couple things to say right now.  The first thing is that I’m getting nervous about student-teaching.  And I’m the most nervous about elementary PE.  I don’t know, I just wonder if I’ll be able to do what they need to me to do.  Lesson plans and meetings and state standards, yuck.  I don’t know.  I’m just nervous, and I didn’t think that I would be.  Cause I really do enjoy teaching, but I’m gonna have to actually start doing it.  Kinda messes with you a little bit.  I’m fighting the voices saying that I’m not good enough or I won’t be able to impact the kids or I won’t have fun or just other discouraging thoughts that can be easily entertained.  But I know I’m good enough.  God has gifted me with the talents and abilities to be a teacher and that’s what I will get the chance to do.  I mean, I won’t have to take classes for a whole semester!! I get to teach classes.  I really am excited, but sometimes the devil tries to get me down by telling me I’m not good enough.  I am.  Countdown to confirmation (student teaching) – 10 days. Well, that’s about it.  I think I was gonna write more, but I forgot what I was gonna write.  But on a quick side note, thanks to Rhett (my homey finally back from the A-Z), Nathan, and Kaley who came and dropped in on me at church today.  Always nice to see familiar faces and be able to share what God’s doing in my life here in Macedonia.  Aiight, lata.




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  1. Anonymous

    i’m nervous thinking about student teaching and i’m only a sophomore! haha…. you’ll do great though i’m sure.  tell amber i said hi next time you talk to her

  2. oh my friend, you will be stellar.  i go back to winona tomorrow! blah.  but looking forward to catching up with you in a big way … see ya very soon.

  3. josh… you will always be the missing link in whatever worship team, band, or musical venture i am very involved in.  your beats make anything remotely good into sweetness.  just thought i’d tell you that.

  4. thanks for the comment… it’s nice to know that others agree. yes, ici freshman year kicked butt. i miss chi-town…

  5. dude im so excited to be out there with you and the rhett. Its going to be a sweet sweet thing

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