Well, I’m back.  It’s not like I really went anywhere, but you know how it is.  Um, well, I had a sweet weekend.  Thanks to Paula, Leroy, Elizabeth, and Ginny (my new friend from camp) and anyone else that might have contributed to my sweet weekend.  Um, some random news, I got an Ipod!!! It’s a 20 gigger and it’s my dad’s old one.  So he gave me a good deal on it.  So I’m siked and I can’t wait to get the next item on the list……..Powerbook!! Oh snap.  But for now, I’ll keep using my 4 year old “Gay-tway”  computer.  But to celebrate this new acquisition, I of course had to go out and get some new CD’s.  So yesterday I finally made it to The Exchange (used CD store) and picked up some discs.  Now, you may think that I’m a nerd, but I had my palm pilot with me.  And on this I kept/keep a running list of cds/dvd’s that I need to buy.  So I walked around and went down the list and priced everything that was there.  It was about 45 minutes before I left the store.  I got 2 more Dave Matthews Band cd’s (Recently, Live at Luther College), David Crowder Band – Can You Hear Us, Howie Day – Stop All the World Now, and (Lerew you’re gonna love this) Copeland – Beneath Medicine Tree. 

     So yeah, what a great weekend.  Oh yeah, and my parents surprised me at church yesterday which was a nice top on an already amazing morning.  We had acoustic day again (Josh, Paula, Andy (congas)) and I loved it.  And I got to do my favorite song that I’ve been wanting to do all summer.  The song is Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord/I Will Not Be Silent.  Oh man, I love it, and it sounded so good to hear everyone in church singing this song and saying that they will no longer be silent.  What a blessing.  What a church.  What a weekend.  2 weeks from today I will be out at the lake for my final year of school.  Excuse me, has anyone seen summer? It was just here a second ago.




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  1. Anonymous

    i saw it a little while ago… it was right back there with childhood and uhh… wooster…
    good tunes man good tunes… not to mention the ipod… so pretty much all my friends have one of those now too… or an ibook… shoot, i got no cell phone, no computer, not even a cd played in my car… haha yes!!

  2. hello sir we need to set up a taco bell night when we get back to school … i cannot wait to hear all about your summer and how God challenged and stretched you.  and boy oh boy do i have some stories of my own.well i’ll be out there in 7 days.  holla at me when you get there

  3. dude, i have all those cds.  you could have burned them before i left.  but you did pick out some good ones i might add.

  4. I still want to sign, if you need me.

  5. Hey dude sorry I missed your call, I didnt even hear your message till like 9. Well drop one when your going to be intown or if you have a night off and i will come and chill. Peace

  6. Anonymous

    Hey Josh ~ cant’ wait to see you when you get out here. Have a great week!

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