Do you guys ever let movies get to you? You know, like really get to you; mess with you; stick with you.  Well  I am a big movie fan and developed into somebody who tries to get in the movie.  This has its positives and negatives.  It’s positive because when it’s funny or inspiring (ie Tommy Boy or A Few Good Men) and I feel joy or inspiried by watching them.  But the negative side is that when there’s a movie that I watch that is conflicting or something like that, I find it hard to not feel what is being felt by the characters.  So either way I feel this connection to the story and the people in it.  And of course, the more insense the story, the more intense the connection.  Well, I had one of those experiences last night. 

     I was at the video store last night trying to pick out something that caught my eye and I was caught by a movie that came out when I was 11. It was Legends of the Fall and of course when I was 11 I had no desire to see it (and with it being rated R I can assume my parents had no desire to let me see it).  But I recalled John Eldridge making some references to a character in this movie in his book Wild at Heart, so I thought what they heck.  It’s the story of three brothers, their father, and one brother’s new fiance living during the early 1900’s.  And from the very beginning I was hooked in and hoisted along by their story.  And when it was all done (I refrain from giving you a synopsis A. because I don’t want to, and B. you need to see it for yourselves) I was literally rattled.  Not physically or anything, but emotionally.  It took me like 45 minutes to fall asleep.  So if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it (there are some “fast forward” scenes though) and I recommend watching it with somebody so you can talk about it afterward.  And Brad Pitt’s in it, so the girls will like it too.  Go watch it, and tell me what you think.




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  1. Anonymous

    haha you said fast forward scenes… let’s watch it together when school starts, at your place… since i’m still on campus…

  2. ummm…its amazing! that movie is on my top ten and let me tell you Josh Atkins the soundtrack is amazing too!

  3. Isn’t John Eldridge amazing? I was reading his book “Waking the Dead”… but then I lost it. I’m not quite sure where it went. Hmm… but Captivating is also really good!

  4. Scott Musser is getting married tomorrow :).  Randomly enough…i  watched Legends of the Fall with my roommates for the first time right before I graduated.  Kinda a depressing movie, everyone dies!!  It was just made me so sad and mad at the same time.  Anyways…it was so fun to see you today and chat!  Are you going to be in Wooster any more before you head back to Grace?  Well have a great weekend…later

  5. Anonymous

    thanks liz for ruining the whole MOVIE!!!!

  6. hey dude, i just bought viva la bam season two and three, drop me one or call me sometime to get together and have a viva la bam night. Peace

  7. dude… posting 2 days in a row? what is the world coming to? what’d you think of our cd?miss ya bro,matt

  8. dude… posting 2 days in a row? what is the world coming to? what’d you think of our cd?miss ya bro,matt

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