So here I am, updating fo ya’ll. There’s been a lot going on recently.  But rather than giving a point by point recap of what’s been going on, I’d like to try and share a little bit of what I’ve been learning or challenged with this summer.  Well, the biggest thing that I’ve been wrestling with is basically, my life/future.  As it currently stands, I am a Health and PE major headed for a life of instruction in a public school.  But for the past two summers I have had the opportunity to do full-time ministry in internship positions.  The first was a youth internship at my home church in Wooster, Ohio.  That was a blast.  And now this summer I am the “worship intern” here at the Western Reserve Grace Brethren Church in Macedonia.  I am basically in charge of the music on Sunday and stuff like that. 

     So at Wooster, I had 3 bosses, and all of them told me the same thing:  “I think you should consider full time ministry.” At the time, I was like “haha, right.”  I mean come on, my dad may be a pastor, but I’m gonna be a teacher, right?  Fast forward to this summer and Jason (the Sr. Pastor) and I in the kitchen and I hear this said to me, “You need to be full time ministry.  Finish up, get your degree, but you need to be in ministry.”  What in the world am I supposed to do with that? I’ve got 4 guys that I look up to and respect and they’re all telling me that they see in me a potential to do great things in ministry.  What do I do with what they said?  Do I say “no way, I’m my own boss and I say what I’m gonna do!”?  Do I follow them blindly and say “whatever you say boss”? Whatever the course I cannot ignore the voices anymore. 

     So here I am.  3 weeks from the end of my time here at the church and I’m being challenged with all these things.  How do I choose between passions?  Do I have to? Is there a way to do both?  All I know is that last summer, the message was, “you should be in ministry.”  This summer the message has become, “you need to be in ministry.”  Is this the voice of God?  Do I believe that he speaks so directly? Do you? Wow, and I thought I had it all figured out. haha



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  1. so who says being a p.e. teacher isn’t full-time ministry?  you could do some amazing things in those kids’s lives…

  2. Anonymous

    i agree with adam…
    but here is another thought… i think GOd profoundly speaks to us through what other people see in us. we know the missconception… “full time ministry” is not a club you sign up for… and you’re doing ministry if you have that title… we know that’s false… everyone with the Spirit within themselves has equal capactiy to minister to others… degrees are not necessary for such things… they help in head knowledge sure, but they often fail to teach how to love people, how to create community, how to be more obedient to Christ in real life… (that’s something Ed and I have talked a lot about this summer)
    we’re peers so we don’t share the category of “looking up” as you do guys older than us… but having the great respect for one another you count me as 5 and you can toss the “will” Josh i believe you WILL be involved in full-time ministry… you could defentily combine your passions, perhaps God will… perhaps we will start small church communities in some area and utilize our degrees, all the while being full-time ministers in new and creative ways…
    my hope is that full-time ministry is not boxed into traditional ministry… that’s something i’ve learned alot about, obviously being involved with what i am this summer, stretches the mind of what it all looks like you know? which is really a beautiful thing… but i trust that God will lead you to the place where you are to be… maybe we will do it together, that’d be incredible… bro let’s learn about stuff this year together, want to? let’s ask questions and learn together what ministry could really look like for us in the future…
    obviously, much was prompted within when i read your post… this is almost like an email. anyways… love you bro… and i really believe you WILL later

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