So I just sent an email to our yearbook telling them about living in Gamma C so they can write a decent page on us the the yearbook.  Here is the email.  So if you lived it with me, I hope you enjoy remembering.  If you didn’t live it, here’s a little glimpse into what you missed. It’s two stories with a bunch of random memories.  Here you go, enjoy.

The first story is about our Christmas gift exchange.  We all put our names in a hat and we drew names and were given a 5 dollar limit to buy something for the person you got.  And on the night of the exchange, we all (all 16 of us) piled into Luke, Nate, and Brandon’s room and passed out our gifts one at a time.  We had such a good time hangin out together that we decided to put in a Family Guy DVD and we all watched it together and had a sweet night of bonding together as house-mates.

       The next story is about our hall t-shirts.  Hall t-shirt day was long approaching and we were trying to figure out what we were going to do as a presentation.  Different ideas were tossed around, and usually the idea of doing a step routine would come up.  Then, probably 2 nights before the actual thing, we had a house meeting to figure out exactly what we were going to do.  We finally settled on the step routine.  And to make sure we all knew what that was, I went up and got my Drumline DVD and we watched the scene with the “steppers” in it.  Then Jordan Muck took over and became the choreographer.  But we didn’t really have any room to practice, so we all went down the the basement and lined up.  All of us went the entire length of the basement (even into the room with no light).  It was from there that I went and grabbed some sticks and a drum pad and decided to play a cadence over top of the routine.  We were probably down there steppin and shufflin for about an hour or so.  But we got it all worked out and dominated the hall t-shirt competition (regardless of what the judges said). 

      The rest of these are just random memories…….

– Luke Humberd always working on his car in the yard behind our house (day or night)

– trying to fit my couch into the room by going up the back staircase.  It didn’t fit, so we tried to go in the front and wind it up the stairs, which also didn’t work.  We actually got it stuck and it was a task in itself to just get it back outside.  I then sold it to my old roommate Danny Artrip who lived in Kent and had doors wide enough to fit the couch.

– first semester with my roommate Adam Lerew watching the entire first season of the OC to get caught up with the current season that was on tv.  Then both of us having a class on Thursday night so we would have to tape it and then we would come back at around 11 or 12 and watch it together.

– watching Dr. Phil with Nate Rupp and Luke Humberd

– and the band I’m in with Matt Carter, Corey Drake, and Luke Humberd, one time we recorded in Gamma C.  I set up my drum set in our living room and just went around to all the rooms and said that it was “going to get loud”.  And we recorded 3 songs with Scott Cline and his computer all within the friendly confines on Gamma C. 

– Being awake when Luke Humberd would come back from working at Papa Johns at around 1 or so and bringing about 5 pizzas with him and staying up and eating way too much free pizza.  But it was all justified because it was free. 


Well, that’s it. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I liked remembering it. Lata fuh now.





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  1. those were some great memories we had.  i miss it already.

  2. heck yes for free pizza and living room sessions

  3. yes I do remember that…but do you remember when Mr. Peuterschmit takes Peter to his country club for a wine tasting and instead of spitting it out he drank it all and then he gets naked and walks around??

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