Well I’m listening to Jeremy Camp right now and I hate it. This is one dude that I could say with conviction that I really did not like. But frick if I didn’t put in his CD and listen to it all the way through. Jessica I blame you for this. I had two obstacles with this guy.  The first is that he’s a contemporary Christian artist. I’m really just not a fan of this genre at all. Out of all the stuff that I’ve heard, I can count in single digits the amount of artists or groups that I can stand.  The second obstacle was his voice.  Sweet dear people, how many people have his voice? (Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Creed, Lifehouse, The Calling).  But I do really like Pearl Jam, so I thought I’d give him a shot. And here I am, on my second time through the CD. It’s not bad. I know I just wrote a lot about nothing, but I’m waiting for a guy to come in, so I have some time to kill.

      In other news, we’re ripping out the tree stumps today.  This is the guy that I’m waiting for.  We’re hookin up a chain to em an then taking a truck and driving the other way.  Should be good fun.  By that I mean should be really hard and I’m thinking that I will be tired as frick when I’m done.  But what can I say, it’s “manual labor” day.  I know all you OB people think this is funny because you know exactly what I’m talkin about when I say that.  And you think it’s funny cause I never went on OB and here I am having days devoted to manual labor. Well, LAUGH IT UP. Besides, as a friend of mine says, “don’t hate, participate”.  Aight, he should be here any minute, so I’m out. Peese




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  1. hope the tree stump ripping was a rousing good time… I know…I still haven’t called I am a bad friend and I’ll admit it for the whole world to see right here on your xanga…perhaps I will call you today…

  2. also…forgot to add this…I watched full house last night…and I teared up(didn’t cry…just teared) it’s the thanksgiving episode when Jesse get’s all emotional that Pam is dead…whew…tear jerker

  3. Anonymous

    yea dude… so haha… Jeremy Camp… dude what about Third Day? don’t you love them too? haha wahoopsa… he does have a cool outfit on the cover though doesn’t he? it’s has Mark written all over it eh? that’s a good quote too man

  4. Ah ha ha.  Dude… thats Jess-ca’s man.  She loves him.  God thing she signs to him… and good thing you said she could sign… and good thing that means you have to hear him over and over and over again.

  5. that picture is amazing.  enough said.

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