So the dude from the music store came in for the consultation today.  Let me just say that it was kind of intimidating.  Not the guy himself, but the whole situation.  I was representing the church and trying to talk, act, look like I know what I’m talking about in front of a guy who is a professional and works with sound systems for a living, every day.  But luckily there was another guy from the church who was with me and he has a pretty good grasp on electronics and stuff, so it was good to have him there.  We went over monitors, stage construction, projectors, screens, and a lot of stuff that I felt like I was just nodding my head everytime he opened his mouth.  But I’d say it went well. I just called Sam Ash and they’re gonna call me back in 10 minutes or so, so I thought I would drop an update while I was waiting. 

     So, you know how I was kinda excited about last week’s set because it was old school and took me back to my high school days? Well I just finished picking the songs for this week and let me tell you, they are evern older school (well, most of em).  O Worship the King, All Creatures of Our God and King, and Nothing but the Blood of Jesus all made the cut this week.  I put “Creatures” and “Nothing” together in a medley (thanks Carter for the idea) which I’m pretty excited about.  But we are also doing My Glorious, so that’s the “new” one that we have.  Oh, and we’re doing an acoustic set this week and it’s going to be sweet. Me on acoustic and vocals, paula on vocals, possibly another acoustic (hopefully), a violin player, and a guy on djembe. I’m looking forward to practice tonight and the service on Sunday.  What a great job, huh? I love it here. Alright, gotta go, that guy from Sam Ash is probably gonna call any second now. Lata.


PS – Viva La Bam is the funniest show on TV. I could watch it for days and watch Bam throw stuff at Don Vito. It’s amazing.



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  1. Anonymous

    hey josh how’s it goin? i just wanted to say i think it’s pretty funny that you used to update every other month or so… and now it’s like every other day…. haha… welp have a good one

  2. Anonymous

    i agree with her i like it… and that show

  3. I must agree with you on Viva la bam being the funniest show, the new show that was just on this past week was hilarious with the throwing of food at vito and with the whole war. When I get back from california I will give you a call to see when maybe nathan and I can visit.

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