So quite the weekend for the Pro. Thursday night I went to Thirdwave (first time all summer) and I got to see Sandy and Milltown so that was really cool.  I also got to see Beave and Hochstetler (both of whom I haven’t seen in quite awhile).  But after Thirdwave I hooked it up with Tim Ritchey and we went to the Bell, Speedway for a 44oz Dew, and Blockbuster to get Hostage (which was really good, by the way).  It was cool hangin out with Tim and hope to do it again before the summer ends. And on Friday, I was still in Wooster and so since I was by myself, I decided to run to the bank and put in some checks that were sitting on my dresser begging to be lost by me.  And when I walked out of Beuhlers, I glanced to my right and saw the people that sold these monster hot dogs for a dollar.  So I got 2 hot dogs and a can of dew, all for 2.50 (pretty cheap, eh?).  Then I went to see a movie because it was the matinee price and 3.50 is too good of a price to pass up.  So I went to see Dark Water.  I liked it, but it wasn’t as scary as The Ring.  But it didn’t try to be.  There was other stuff going on that drove the story and I actually liked it.  But from there til Sunday morning, I was by myself I even saw War of the Worlds on Saturday by myself (which I thought was suh-weet).  And I think for the first time all summer I felt alone. Not “poor me” alone, but just “wow, even though I am kind of a loner, I’m still feeling kinda lonely” alone. See the difference? But little did I know that Sunday would shoo away all those feelings (can you see a grandma with a broom “shooing away” a mouse? Can ya?

     Sunday I was pretty much able to spend time with people all day long. It was really refreshing. I was church, which was good. But then we had a get together with Bruce and Lisa Triplehorn at the “ministry center” aka my backyard.  But I was able to talk to people there and hang out and it was good. Then I went to Elizabeth Levi’s graduation party and I think I was there for a good 2 hours.  I got to talk to students pretty much the whole time and met a woman who called me AJ (go figure). But then I cam home and watched The Two Towers (I had watched Fellowship the previous night) and chilled for a bit.  I got to talk to the girl for awhile with is ALWAYS nice and then I went back to Elizabeth’s house for a bonfire.

     Holy cow, there were a lot of people there.  And of course they’re all in high school or just graduated and then there’s me, old enough to be graduated from college.  But good ol Leroy was there (another college dude) so it was alright.  But as people started systematically leaving, I ended up next to this girl named Brittany and she very politely introduced herself and struck up a conversation.  Then we really started talking about some deep stuff (which kinda caught me off guard) but at the same time it was cool.  She shared some things that she was wondering about and I was able to DTK on her (drop the knowledge).  (sorry bout the acronym, what can I say, I’m Grace Brethren). But after she left, I got to talkin with a girl who wants to sing in some capacity and so I signed her up to sing in August with me at Impact (her name will be concealed just in case she wants to change her mind).  But even after that, it was down to me, Elizabeth, Alyssa, Leah, Jessica, and Courtney (who I just made the connection that I was her camp counselor 6 years ago, crazy).  But we were talking about all kinds of stuff and it was really cool.  I enjoyed the “adult” conversation without the adults.  We got to talk about colleges and Christianity, and siblings weddings, and God’s hand, and a lot of other cool stuff. So it was a fun time for me and it was just what I needed.  So thanks to everybody who made my Sunday a much needed therapy day and gave me a revitalized spirit.  Yeah, thanks.




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  1. Hey man-
    Dude I’m glad you liked hanging out.  i know sometimes we have the potential to be a lot to handle, but I’m telling you… you are a good balance… its the glue.  haha.  and you know what… thank you seriously too for yesterday.  Last night was one of the more fulfilling times I have had in a while and you were apart of that too.  haha.  Ok.  peace!

  2. Anonymous

    dude i love you, and you’re coming out of your loner shell, i like it!!! those girls are fun times aren’t they? they seem a little more mature than 18 year olds… and isn’t it weird how they have graduation parties all summer long? where as we have all of them in like two weekends… wild times man… and i miss you, the tub, and the doritos, and dew at 3am… beautiful… we won’t get to do that again til winter break man… then we can dip during the snow, and i’ll do fun naked stuff like i usually do in the snow… date huh? peace playa

  3. Anonymous

    and isn’t it boosh that we didn’t get redd??? but we DID get Larry Hughes who had a sweet year last year… him and Lebron could work magically eh?

  4. hey yo!  sorry i missed your visit to wooster.  people at grace are treating me great.  the missions trip was lots of fun (besides the hurricane which made us have to cancel beach day), but i had a wonderful time getting to know people better and just hanging with the students.  i have yet to go to third wave, but hopefully this thursday.  hope things are going well for you….liz

  5. So I guess you are not so ghetto……, awesome talking with you tho, even if you hate Jeremy Camp….  haha.

  6. that is about the most detailed post you’ve ever written. i miss you dude. i’ll work on the cd.

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