Sup ‘ay-body’.  Well, I’m just chillin here on this Thursday afternoon just finishing my lunch and getting ready to do some more stuff here at the church.  I’m looking to get some estimates and some referrals about projection systems and some suggestions as to which way to go with that because we are buying 2 brand new ones and I’m in charge of which ones to get (Yikes).  Anyway, we’ll see how that goes and hopefully we can keep this renovation ball rolling so we can finish as soon as possible.  I might end up visiting some other churches and checking out their operation if the phone doesn’t suffice.  I hope they don’t feed me the line about “getting a good look at a T-Bone steak by sticking my head up….” (guess the movie!!!) because it would be nice to actually see it, as well as hear about it.

So last night I was in Blockbuster trying to figure out what I wanted to watch.  And since I was by myself and was going to watch it by myself, it looked like it would only take about a half hour to find something to watch.  Now, I’ve found that with each person that is added to the mix usually adds about a half hour to the selection process (anyone know what I’m talkin about?) But as I was gazing over the new releases, I happened to turn around in the random dvd section that has music and stand up and other stuff and saw something that caught my attention.  Anyone ever heard of David Blaine? Oh gosh, this guy is out of control. And this dvd is pure madness!!! Holy cow, the stuff he does is rediculous and I found myself laughing out loud at the stuff he was doing and watching people’s reactions.  Now, I understand that some of you may think that he’s the anti-christ or something like that.  But that’s probably because you’ve only seen one thing or just heard that he’s the “guy that floats and has breakfast with satan”. Well have you ever seen one of his shows or thought about it critically and not just dismissed it as evil? Why is it that something we don’t know or understand is automatically deemed “satanic” because that’s the only thing we can explain it with. For the record, I’m not in the David Blaine fan club or anything, but I think on a much broader scale, we as Christians need to look at things with a more critical eye and not shut ourselves out of the culture because we don’t want to be corrupted.  Get with the program folks. But yeah, this dvd’s amazing and I’m buying it. That’s all for now. I’m going to Thirdwave tonight and then hanging out with my homey Tim Ritchey afterwards.  So big ups to everybody readin this and “Go forth and engage the culture with the Word and let’s get offensive!”




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  1. Anonymous

    kick A for J man… rock on… the dudes money at illusions… can you imagine tooling with people like he does?

  2. Anonymous

    it’s almost like the Rhett and Josh show when i try to fake someone out hardcore… then you begin to laugh and the moment goes to giggles…haha or maybe nothing like that

  3. I watched david blaine specials like the last 2 weeks of school and Ja and Kelsey and I would yell at the tv when he would creep us out…it really led to hours of entertainment. hope you’re doing well…AND I have some fun news for you…which I belive you will get a kick out of…lata

  4. that guy looks like james joiner

  5. Josh worships satan he said in his post, i am telling Swanson

  6. Dude thanks for coming over and hanging out it was alot of fun, its been awhile. I will catch you later.

  7. yeah…I guess I’ll call sometime today…but sometimes I want to kick myself in the face for prefacing anything with… I have a funny story… I guess it’s more of a something you can relate to kind of a story… and a wow that’s going to truly piss people off story… but I’m sure you still can’t wait to hear so end of story…I’ll call today

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