5 points goes to Sandy Streit for her correct (and rather confident) answer for my movie quote contest.  I was, of course, Maximus from Gladiator saying it to Commodus.  Oh man, what a dude. Well, today is once again manual labor day here at the church so I will be outside pulling up trees (if you know what an “arborvitae” is then you know what I’ll be yanking up and also you know more about trees than me).  Anyway, that’s what I’ll be doing all day today. 

In other news, the church where I work is doing some crazy remodeling.  They are putting in all new carpet, painting the walls, and opening up more of the sanctuary by tearing down walls and raising the ceiling.  So as you can probably guess, it’s all tore up and loud around here.  But the scary or intimidating part of it all is that I am in charge of all the sound and whatnot.  With the tearing down of the wall, the sound board will have to be moved and many if not most of the cords will have to be replaced.  Also, they are buying 2 new projectors and getting a new screen put on the other side of the stage (for symmetrical and practical purposes).  Anyway, it’s scary cause like I said, I’m in charge of it.  But at the same time I have this great sense of empowerment because I know that the pastors above me trust me enough and believe that I can do it.  That’s another reason why it’s sweet here.  My bosses don’t talk down to me and when they give me things and tasks to do, I know that they know that I can do it, and I have their confidence to motivate me.  So I’m going to visit some churches and try to get a professional consultant to come in here and have a look.  But wow, kinda unsettling when I look at it.  But I know it’ll come together and be sweet. So that’s it for now. Lata.


PS – For all you old school worship fans, I picked some doozies for this week’s service.  We’re opening with Trading My Sorrows, and then we go into this sweet Holiness/Lord I Lift Your Name on High medley (arranged by yours truly) and that leads us into I Could Sing of Your Love Forever and we end with Better is One Day.  Oh man, takes me back to my BNYC days from 98-01.  Those were some good years.  Aiight, lata for real. 


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  1. Anonymous

    you’re old school… how about more love more power??? eh that was one of my favs from back in the day

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