So here we are, July 5th and our eyes are all adjusting from staring at flashing explosions in the night sky over the weekend.  Not much to report for now, but just so ya know, everybody should chisel out July 24th as a Godsound show at BNYC.  Come check it out at Cedarville University and we’ll be doin it like this all night long (ok, we’ll do other songs too).  But yeah, our buddy Mark is out on OB right now but we’re sure he’s gonna be ready and is going to bring his OB crew.  Um, I’m leading worship at Impact this Wednesday night (Impact is the youth group here at Macedonia).  It’s a fun time and helps me stay in touch with the fact that I’m only 22 and I still can and do have fun with students.  It’s just kinda weird because the people that I hang out with around here graduated high school this year.  Now, I went back and did the math and realized that they would have been in 8th grade when I was a Senior, so it’s just funny to think that once we get older, the age difference blurs and you just hang out with people because it’s fun.  So thanks high school kids for helping me have fun.  And to whoever suran-wrapped my car, “the time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end.” Anyone guess what movie that’s from and who said it? 5 points to anyone who can get it.  But that’s about it from here, talk to ya’ll lata.




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  1. someone seran-wrapped your car? haha… those funny kids. i had no part, i promise. they did it since you’ve been back? it must mean they missed you tons and tons. or maybe they were bored.have a great week! i won’t be around next weekend; hope all goes well!

  2. Anonymous

    ninja kick them dude… i bet aj was apart of it… she’s evil like that, all those joksters are into pranks and such… or maybe it was frank… or not… my guess is for A Few Good Men… although i’m not sure, i can picture Jack Nicholson saying it… i ain’t no holla back girl

  3. I’m glad to be following the comment that ends with a gwen stefani song lyric, because that means that I don’t have to try too hard to sound somewhat smart.  Anyway, I got your comment on my xanga and figured I’d see how you’ve been doing since our fun days of athletic event staff.  PS, browsing the Grace College blogring is a beautiful thing as it supplied me with like twenty screen names that I did not previously have, and with that, I’m out.

  4. Well duh, Gladiator!  Hope all is well.  Now you know how I feel at times-  I was how old when you were what???  Still want to make it up Sunday.  I’ll let you know when.  Ta-Ta!

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