So, you know how last time I talked about how I’m chillin by myself and stuff a lot? Well, last night was no different.  But there have been two things that have kept me alive during this time.  The first thing has been sleep.  Yep, when I get bored or whatnot, I just kinda go to sleep.  And the other has been The Simpsons.  What a sweet show.  So clever and witty (redundant?) and no matter how many times I watch a certain episode, it’s still funny in a smart way.  But last night, I dove into my dvd collection and found an oldie that I literally haven’t watched in a couple of years.  Anyone ever seen M:I2?  Oh man, I was watching it going, “this movie is not that good.”  I might have even said it out loud, I can’t remember.  I don’t know, between all the slo-mo action, Tom Cruise doing backflip kicks (like “Guile” on Street Fighter 2) or Ving Rames saying “that guy just shot through my Versace shirt!” I couldn’t really take it all that seriously.  During the movie I actually looked at the case on the floor and thought to myself “I wonder how much money trade-in I could get at The Exchange?”  That’s bad.  Oh man, what a movie.  But in its defense, it did occupy my eyes for 2 hours or so, so it did its job.  Thanks Tom and Mr. Woo (the director) for another “Mindless Monday.”



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  1. Anonymous

    haha that’s incredible, what a review of such a sweet movie… personally i love Tom’s hair in the movie… it’s so amazing!!! anyways, i’m a nerd… peace chill

  2. Anonymous

    dude and i watched 3 movies the other day… well from saturday night to sunday… In Good Company, Elf, and The Patriot… In Good Company you might like man… and it’s clean too… good realtionship stuff… you’ll notice holla

  3. Anonymous

    Just wanted to let you know that I didn’t pass today :(. Thanks for your prayers though!

  4. you should go buy the oc on dvd…

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