Howdy folks.  Time for an update.  Well, I had a good weekend.  Got to listen to and remenisce about Sound Investment (the good ol days) with Paula on Friday, hang out with Paula and Leroy and Elizabeth and AJ on Saturday around a fire and then yesterday Leroy and I went over to Paula’s and the three of us had lunch over there and hung out all day.  Just a great weekend of hanging out with friends and talking about stuff.  It’s been kinda hard for me because I am in some ways very much self-sufficient (by that I mean I’m perfectly capable of being by myself for an entire evening and watch a movie by myself or something like that) but after a couple days, it starts to wear on me.  I mean, it’s just hard because I’m not really a “caller” so it’s hard for me to just be like “I wanna hang out, I’ll call…”.   But Leroy has really stepped up and has invited me over a couple times (I’m comin over sooner or later) and I really do appreciate all the invites.  It’s such a cool place here but I’m just missing some of my friends.  So Amber, Rhett, Carter, Lerew, Luke, Corey, Karyn, Sarah, Jeff, Mark, Greg, and all my “PE Pals”, wish you were here.




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  1. I MADE THE LIST????!!! Wow…the excitement that I just experienced…pretty intense let me tell you what( i remember the good old days of SI…ya know pre-hard core drinking, no commitment level and sexing up that is now known as sound investment…sigh)by the way lovely picture of John Stamos.

  2. I that “greg” is me then i miss you too, and if not, i still miss you

  3. Anonymous

    dude i feel honored to be right behind your girlfriends in the list whether intentional or not (wink) and dude, what is up with your background? i mean honestly, it’s the freakin desert… wild man… miss you too bro… keep livin it up… bless you

  4. you’re lucky i’m on the list or you’d be sorry… hope things are going well with you.  come visit pa if you can.

  5. dude… i miss you toi’m glad i got to hang out the other weektake care manoh..i might be going to goshen gbcwe’ll talk later

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