Is there anyone cooler than Uncle Jesse? I think not.



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  1. yo mang-yea i’ll talk about it sometime. i’ll just tell you that the past few weeks have been the most stressfull in my life but now ive learned enough to realize i’m content with everything now so its all good. but yea dude i’m down to kick it sometime. i’m leaving for tampa thursday and before that i’ll be packing up our house cuz we moving behind the cinema. but when i get back we’ll hook up fo sho. gimme a buzz sometime too man 3304640704. thanx bro.-n8

  2. Anonymous

    dude i’m pretty sure lebron is cooler, or maybe even you, but is hair is pretty killer… i’m into it

  3. Anonymous

    Hey thank you for the encouragement ~ that made my day! I hope your summer is going great and I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

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