So I’m moving into my place over in Macedonia tomorrow. Got my couch, my chair, TV, computer, and other crap; I’m all set (notice the use of the semicolon).  But it’s kinda weird, ya know? I’m going to a new place but already I’ve been accepted by so many people.  I just know that this summer is going to be awesome.  But yeah, getting up tomorrow morning and heading north.  Then, I’ll be heading even norther (word?) to see Miss Ogrin. Oh gosh, it’s gonna be a good day tomorrow.  And then on Friday Jefferson Dropoff has a show in Bloomington, IN (Indiana University) and we’re playing with a band that we’re friends with.  The lead singer is the guy that came up and helped us with our recording of our 7 songs a couple weeks ago, and he’s working on it right now to get it finished.  But yeah, got a big weekend ahead of me. Graduation parties on Saturday and then I’m gonna head up to the Donia to get settled in. But for now, I need to go load my car so I’ll be ready to rock in the morning.  Speaking of rock, Carrie Underwood? Gimme a break.  This was Bo’s competition and he got screwed by a Kelly Clarkson knockoff (who by the way has a slammin album out right now). Dah well, good thing I didn’t bet any money.  Besides, Vonzell was my favorite anyway.  But ultimately, who gives a crap? I sure don’t. And with that, I leave you.




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  1. i give a crap… don’t be talkin trash about my girl!

  2. I’m pumped you’re going to be in Macedonia for the summer. It’s going to be awesome for you and the church. Bo was a great performer, but I think I would buy Carrie’s album first, but then again I have something for chick singers. She only lives about two hours from me, so I’ll probably run into her at Wal-Mart or something. Kelly’s album is absolutely great as far as pop records go. I love it.

  3. josh … man we need to catch up.  sorry that phone sucked yesterday.  i definitely want to hear all about this transition down to macedonia.  and thanks for what you said on that last post.  seriously, it made my day.  (and andy stanley, heck yes, i even talked about him on this trip).  hey and by the way, you know pastor bob (dorr? i think?) and andy yost?  and brenden somebody…. and sonia somebody … they all came from your church to thailand with us.  oh man we had a blast with them.  yeah we’ll have to talk sometime.  drop me an email or something.

  4. Umm Josh…we need to talk…like stat(stat?)…It has something to do was bnyc..drumming…and you…I REALLY need to talk to you (574-527-1216 or 574-269-2315) seriously must talk…

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