Well it’s been almost 3 months or something like that since I posted, and you know what, it’s ok.  I had a lot of stuff going on and it was tough to find the time or motivation to sit down and type the stuff that just happened.  But a lot of stuff did happen.  And with all that stuff going on, I thought that I would dish out some thank you’s.  These are just to people that made an impact on me the last year or six months or however long I can remember. So here are my thank you’s in no particular order. “Thank you…”

Jeff and Kari Wike for letting me come and stay at your place for 2 weeks while I was in my summer class.  Thanks for opening your home, your pantry, your fridge, and you salsa to me and even watching the OC with me (Kari). Thanks for the meals that you made me and the hospitality.  I felt very welcome there and you guys are great.

Mark and Kristin Artrip for letting me come and hang out with you guys when Jeff and Kari were no where to be found .  Thanks for letting me hitch a ride with you to Seth’s and for including in your “Married couple + Josh night”.  Thanks for letting me come over and just hang out and thanks for introducing me to Charlie O’Connell.  I don’t know where I’d be if I never knew who he was, and I have you to thank for that. You guys have also been gracious with your home and I appreciate it.

Zach Boehm for letting me randomly come over when I came home.  You never knew when or if I was going to stop by, but if I was in town, I tried to make it over there and see what was happening.  You always greeted me with a “come on in” and it was cool to just sit and chat or watch the cavs or something.  Thanks for the Pepsi One and the “tortizzas” (which are amazing). I’m siked about your job in Texas and too bad we couldn’t hang out before you left. If you ever come home, you know where I’ll be. Gimme a call and hopefully I can return the hospitalital (did I make this up?) favor.

Corey Drake, Matt Carter, Luke Humberd for being in Jefferson with me.  You guys don’t know how much fun I have playing with you and how much enjoyment I get from playing shows and doing whatever with the 3 of you.  Thursday night practices helped me get through the week because I always had something to look forward to and say “if I can just make it til Thursday, I’ll be alright.”  Thanks for letting me be a part of your band and listening to my input (even though I’m just “the drummer”).  I really do enjoy our time together whether it’s playing or riding to a gig or running into a guy on the way back from Woodwind (“Holy!”), and I look forward to what the future holds for all of us.

Sarah for always caring enough to talk and take time to listen.  Thanks for the Taco Bell runs and the times in Alpha. Also thank you for your encouragement throughout the year and getting me excited about ministry again.  Your words mean a lot and I appreciate them whenever they come.  Also thanks for getting excited about Andy Stanley with me.  It was so fun to talk about and debrief about all the things that he said in his “Challenging the process” sermon.  Thanks for being an awesome friend and I don’t know where I’d be without you.

Rhett for being a buck dude.  Holy cow, thanks for letting me come over and crash on your chair and staying up and talking til who knows how late even when we both have a morning class the next day.  Thanks for asking me questions and not letting me settle for anything less than “total buckness”.  You truly are an inspiration to me and your encouraging words are things that have helped me our greatly in my life.  Thanks for coming over to my house and just chillin here and doin whatever.  Also thanks for being friends with Amber.  I know that you kind of have to, but it never seems like an obligation with you and you are genuine with her which I do notice and very much appreciate. You’re quite the dude and it’s an honor to have been your only roommate in college (so far).

Scott, Lerew, and Carter for living with me this past year.  I know that it wasn’t the easiest thing for you to eat around my rice-cooker that I would occasionally leave out or my shoes that despite my best efforts would somehow always make it into the middle of the floor.  Thanks for letting me be a part of your guys’s lives for a year and I hope that I was able to make an impact on your lives like you have in mine.  And Lerew, thanks for introducing me to the OC. And thanks for not reminding me how all 3 of you guys were graduating and I had to come back for another year. ‘Preciate it.

Amber for being amazing.  You truly are a gift from God and I am thankful everyday for you and what you give to me.  Thanks for being a Godly woman and making me want to be a Godly man just so I feel like I’m worthy of such an awesome girl like you.  Your words are what keep me going whether it is face to face or in an email or on IM (yuck) or on the phone I just enjoy our times of conversation where I can get to know you better.  Thanks for taking time to invest in good friendships with other girls that can sharpen you and make you grow in ways that I can’t.  I truly admire that about you and it was one of the things that drew me to you.  Thank you for everything that you do for me and you truly are special to me in a way that no one else can be.

Everyone else that didn’t get special mention.  I’m sorry if you didn’t make the list and who knows, in another 3 months, there might be another list that your name makes it on.  But for now, thank you to all of you who have left your fingerprint on my life.  I’m confident that I am right where God wants me to be and I know that I wouldn’t be here without you.




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  1. I decided to leave a comment…and I’m not going to be all mopey like…gosh I didn’t make the list…cause that would just be foolish and I do deserve it…since I ditched out on our OC night…I am a terribly bad friend.

  2. no problem dude… i needed someone to share my oc experience with.

  3. Anonymous

    i love you, and now tell us how you really feel… your special, in a way that i wouldn’t say to your face cause it would be weird and guys don’t do too often… yes, ain’t no stoppin us

  4. i made the list……………………………YES! suck on that people who didn’t. it feels so good………………..oh yeah can  you feel that?
    anyway keep on coming out. the bachelor isn’t getting cancelled and either is our hospitality.

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