“Boom, I enter the room like a cannon/my rhymes are polished and sharpe but I’m not Sterling or Shannon” (you know you love it, don’t lie). Anyway, I’m back and have I got some stuff for ya’ll to engorge yourselves with. Well let’s see, what’s been happenin? Holy shnikes it’s been a long time since I’ve been on this thing, but just for you Lerew, I’m on this thing and finally updating. Can I just say that God is awesome? Of course I can, it’s my zanga. Like it or leave, I don’t care. Anyway, he is. I’ve had experiences that have helped me see him time and time again for what he is, AWESOME! Whether I’m connecting with my new brothers in Tennessee over a fire or meeting new friends here at the lake or being able to use my gifts for his glory, God has just been showing me who he is in new ways everyday. Anyone else get that? .

     I’ve also been having some good conversations with people that have just been good and encouraging. My roommate and I have had some good ones and it’s been really good because much of our conversation is made up of music and movie banter. And last night we had some quality convo and it was cool. Also, I talked with Jordan Muck for awhile and we don’t get a chance to connect very much but it was cool to sit down with him and just talk about what’s been going on in our lives and our futures and stuff. So thanks Matt and Jordan, it was cool.

     That’s it for now. Let me just say that I’m reading a book by Andy Stanley (my favorite “pastor-guy”) and it’s showing me a lot. It’s a book about personal vision and this guy gets it. I would encourage you to read anything of his you can get your hands on. I know there are other sweet dudes out there to read, but he’s up there for me. Aiight playas and playettes, I’m out. Peese




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  1. so i innocently log onto xanga and read your page only to find my lyrics beign slandered and mocked…….ouch.anyway it is nice to see an update. i dare you to do it again this month:)um oh yeah……i am gonna read a stanley book which one should i start with….?

  2. Anonymous

    anytime, the door is always open downstairs man.  have a good break!

  3. Anonymous

    just in case you didnt see your email… monday 5pm we’re bouncing for the mcdonalds dunk action… be back in time bro… much love and sorry i forgot to tell you yesterday. peaceout g unit

  4. I’m anxious to hear how the WR goes this weekend. And Since U Been Gone is one of the best songs on the radio right now.

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