“That thing inside of you. That thing that moves you and drives you to challenge the process and drives you to question and wonder about things, that right there, that is the image of GOD in you!…..and those people above you who try to stifle that, those people who tell you that you are just discontent, well they are either trying to control you, or they just don’t understand leadership.” -Andy Stanley

      Holy cow, this guy, with this message is challenging me to challenge the process and to embrace the fact that I am a leader. It is quite possibly the best message on leadership that I have ever heard. If you would like to hear this message or talk to me about it, sweet dear come talk to me, please. This is the kind of message that I feel could change the campus. It’s that real.  And no matter how I try to get away from it, no matter where I go or what I do, no matter what I’m doing or who I’m talking to, God has put it inside of me to lead. That is what He’s stirring inside me, and I’m kind of aprehensive about where it will take me. Either way, I know who I am, and who God has called me to be. It is now up to me to actually do it. Here we go…


PS – Thanks Carter for the music this time



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  1. oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh, every time i think about it i love it more josh. um we gotta get together with matt and scott. GOT TO. i’ll stop in and see him and see what he thinks and what time he has free. thanks for sharing it with me josh. honestly. it was one of the greatest refreshers i have ever had. ever. thank you.

  2. Andy Stanley is the man. That was an awesome message.

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