So, I’ve been intrigued by the recent wave of top 5 and top 10 and top 100 lists sweeping VH1 and E and xangas and all that jazz. Intrigued so much so that I thought I would drop a couple of my own. Please, feel free to leave any of yours on mine. Some will be in order, some will just be 5 of my favorite ____. Either way, enjoy.

Top 5 Movies

  1. A Few Good Men

  2. Shawshank Redemption

  3. Memento

  4. Terminator 2

  5. Braveheart

5 CD’s I can’t live without (no order)

  1. Green Day – Insomniac

  2. Dave Matthews Band – Before These Crowded Streets

  3. Grits – Art of Translation

  4. The Used – Self titled

  5. Keith Urban – Golden Road (I know, I know)

5 Favorite Childhood Toys

  1. Ninja Turtles (Raphael was the coolest)

  2. GI Joes

  3. Dinosaurs

  4. Transformers

  5. Lego

5 Favorite Actors

  1. Will Smith

  2. Brad Pitt

  3. Benjamin McKenzie (“Ryan” from the OC)

  4. Morgan Freeman (except for “Dreamcatcher”, what a piece of crap that was)

  5. Norm Macdonald (have you seen Dirty Work?)

5 Favorite Reality Show People

  1. Don Vito

  2. ok, I just wanted to have a list where I could put Don Vito cause he is the funniest dude on TV

5 Funniest Comedians

  1. Lewis Black

  2. Jeremy Hotz

  3. Jim Breuer

  4. Sinbad

  5. Dana Carvey

Ok, that’s it for now. I’m plum outta stuff. So there ya go, leave your lists. Lata.




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4 responses to “

  1. My top 5 movies.
    1) Orange county
    4)Napoleon Dynamite
    5)Heavy Weights
    o man hehe

  2. i have not seen one of your favorite movies. i hope you do not hate me.

  3. Come on- Dreamcatcher was the best!!!

  4. Josh…thought you could use a shout-out. Come see our house and hang out.

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