Well, my dream has come true. Well, not quite. But I was surprised to find my package that had been sent from Missouri had arrived today. I got some money from my grandma for my birthday and was able to go on ebay and use it very productively.  And yes, my white, Oklahoma State, #21, size 48 (so I can actually wear it), Barry Sanders jersey arrived today. Oh man, I put it on and it is suh-weet.  Sorry if the picture doesn’t work, but just know that it’s amazing. That’s all for now. Lata




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  1. hullo joshua.  just thought i’d say hey and i hope that life has been amazingly vibrant and exciting.  and that i’ve started praying about that … anyway, we will have to get together when we live in the same town again.  holla

  2. yesssssssss.  next open dorms, we’re doin it.  (i bought it-i know, dork).  anyway, see ya at the lake in a few

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