So I’m back. I’m back from Indiana. It was a short, fun trip, and boy did I get it on video. Yes, I just got back into town this afternoon from 2 days in Indiana preparing for and doing a show with hip hop veterans Grits on New Years Eve.  It was sweet. Good crowd, good sound, and I even bought another Grits cd that I didn’t have (that complete’s my collection). But it was just a fun time overall and now I’m back.

     I’m back for less than a day before I leave the state yet again. Why? Well, I went to our Saturday night service tonight and ran into our college ministry guy, Bob Doerr, and to make a very long story short, he gave me 5 FREE tickets to the Passion Conference in Nashville!!! So I am going to be heading out tomorrow around noon and will be staying with my buddy Brent Campbell and will be spending a couple days in Tennessee.  I got nothing better to do up here except watch tv. I’ll be back Wednesday night because the thing is over at noon. But I’m lookin forward to it. Not so much the ol 8 hour drive, but you Pennsylvania people, I’ll have a better idea of what your life is like and a new appreciation for my 4 hour drive home.

     Well that’s all for now. Gotta go to bed so I can wake up and drive for 1/3 of a day. Rock on. Lata playas and playettes.



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