Hey folks, it’s me again.  Um, just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying this break. Days and nights filled with watching my new Simpsons Season 4 dvd, watching Real World vs Road Rules: Battle of the Sexes, hangin with Percent, and of course talkin to The Girl on the celly.  But this is my kinda break.  Doing nothing and thinking about nothing while I’m doing nothing.  And so since I got some spurr time, I thought I’d just hit ya with some random stuff and give ya more of a post than ya usually get from meh.  So here it is…

     Things that Josh got for his birthday (the big 2-2)  A 3-D picture frame with pictures from Homecoming and an awesome night in Ft Wayne from The Girl, The Simpsons Season 4 on DVD, the Vanilla Ice Ninja Rap single video from Ninja Turtles 2 (thanks mom and ebay), a pillow made out of a uniform from the Lexington Marching Band (when they got new uni’s, they turned the old ones into pillows and sold em as a fund raiser), the new Dispatch cd (thanks knepper), 5 bucks from my sister, Grits-Dichotomy B (gotta learn the words before New Years), 2 books; Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels, and Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend (thanks Sandy), an away Lebron James jersey, and the 4 original Ninja Turtle action figures and Splinter (thanks again mom and ebay.)

     But actually, I think I’m gonna head out cause I’m goin ta eat lunch with my mom.  So have a tight day and in the spirit of my birthday, what are the top 5 presents that you’ve ever got for your birthday? Aiight, lata…




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  1. My parents for my birthday slid pancakes under the door, so i could eat. That was pretty cool, and one time they let me come out of my room to see the sunlight. LOL just kidding, dude lets do a movie night, it would be sweet. let me know ttyl

  2. Well no one else will care about my top five presents so i will just put it on here……i cannot think of any so lets just list Jeff’s top five worst outfits instead….1) red pants and white shirt at wooster2) gumby…..to many times to count3) that black hat that we got free in angola, that we would not be caught dead in gosh i could name these forever, i have hopefully made you laugh and stop being mean.Mark

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