Well, right now I am working on a Professionalism in the Classroom take-home final and it is gay as crap.  Holy shnikes.  Dah well, I guess I have to do well if I want to be a professional, right? Anyway, just saying what’s up because I was tired of looking at the Microsoft Word screen. Hey, I don’t know what you guys are doin for New Years Eve, but you guys should come check out Godsound in Ft Wayne when we open for GRITS!!! Oh yes, your local dudes are gonna be opening for the biggest Christian hip hop group out there (can you tell I’m a little excited?)  It’s at the Fellowship Missionary Church in Ft Wayne (address is on the website www.godsoundmusic.com) and we go on at 930-1030. And then Grits goes on at 11! I’m siked. Well that’s it for now. Peese out playas and playettes.




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  1. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t mind writing anything for you.  Who is this, and what do you want me to write about?

  2. Anonymous

    Happy belated birthday, kid.  Hope I see you tomorrow.

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