So what’s up with me you ask? Well, let me tell you……….., yeah, you guessed it. Just too busy to update, that’s it.  Um, “Sympathy” just finished it’s 3-song demo and we’re ready to start sending it places and getting shows. That’s exciting.  It’s such a tight band and I love playing in it.  It’s so new for me to play this kind of music and it’s stretching me to learn and play new styles and while it’s frustrating, it’s also good to know that I’m not just being stagnant with the talent that God has given to me.  Plus the dudes in the band are tight. Carter, Corey, and Luke are fun (especially when we practice with the strobe light). It’s just a good time, and I’m excited to see where it will go from here.

     You know, I was gonna type more, but I just lost my desire to. The Girl just called so I talked to her for about 45 minutes or an hour and frankly, I just wanna go to bed and sleep. So that’s-ah what I’m-ah gonna do-ha!! Farewell sweet children and don’t stay up too late watching reruns of The Nanny.



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