Well, it’s me again, and I have a couple of thoughts that I thought I would share with whomever might want to read this.  The other night (Wed) I went to a concert in Columbus for The Used.  And from this night of pure pure craziness, I couldn’t help but wrestle with a couple of things that made me put my night in perspective and ultimately made me think about my role in a world with a lot of lost people. 

      The first thought that I had was about the people that I was literally smashed against.  All the kids that came crashing onto my head, blasting me from the back, or crushing me from the side, all these kids were and are looking for something.  To see them put on their make-up and their piercings and all their clothes that seem to be the only things that define them reminds me that I am in a battle.  We are all in a battle for our souls.  These kids that were smoking and drinking and cussing all have made a decision to dedicate their life to something.  In this case, it seemed to be their life was dedicated to a Mr. Bert McCracken (lead singer of The Used) and everything he did was copied and emulated his “followers”.  Not to say that I wasn’t doing my share of yelling and pushing and getting into it, but it was sad to see all these lost people trying to find their meaning in the empty lyrics of a band that is just as lost as they are.  I can just imagine the stories of these kids and what drew them to this kind of lifestyle. I just wanted to talk to them.  I wanted to tell them that there is hope, and where they’re looking for it, they’ll never find it.  It was a good reminder of just what kind of world that we are living in and just what’s at stake here. 

     The other thought that I had was about the band itself.  I was just thinking how sad they’re situation is.  I mean, yeah they have money and fame and fans, but that’s as good as it will ever get.  Sure they might get a little more money and whatnot, but as far as fulfillment goes, this is it.  I just feel bad for them because I know that they’re seeking the same thing their fans are seeking, but they think they have it.  I don’t know how I would do it or even what it would look like, but I wish I could just sit down with ’em and talk to ’em and just see where they’re at.  Looking at they’re lyrics, I read and hear songs about it not being enough and still missing something and I just want to tell them that I know what they’re looking for.  I’ve got the answer!! The answer is in a personal relationship with Christ.  But needless to say, I didn’t really get that chance. 

     I think the whole night (aside from being musically amazing and one of the craziest nights that I’ve ever had) was just a stark reminder of just what kind of world that I am an inhabitor of.  I know that I was and have been put on this world for a purpose.  And outside of enriching my relationship with Christ, I have got to be representing The Man and showing and telling people about him wherever I go.  It was a sobering night, and I am sooooo glad that I went (props to Scott, Lerew for goin with me and special props to Justin for stickin it out with me in the pit). Just remember guys that we are in a battle, a battle for the soul, and we have to fight.  Suit up.  The enemy’s out there waiting.  Let’s hit with me all we got.


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  1. i total agree and felt the same exact way at the show i went..

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